Our Department

Columbus Fire Rescue has 45 volunteers and support personnel with 6 full-time career staff members.

Chief and Staff

Rich Cowger Chief

Chief Cowger started his fire service career as a volunteer with the Fromberg Fire District (MT) in 1992. After being away from the fire service for a year he returned joining the Town of Columbus and Columbus Rural Fire District in 1993. He progressed through the ranks of the departments becoming a captain in 1995, Asst. Chief of the Rural Fire District in 1996, Chief of the Town of Columbus in 1999 and Chief of the Rural Fire District in 2000. Chief Cowger was instrumental in getting a joint Town/Rural Fire Station built in 2002.

Chief Cowger was hired as the Fire Department/Districts first full time employee on Jan 1, 2008. That same year Chief Cowger helped negotiate a consolidation agreement between Columbus Ambulance and the Rural Fire District bringing the only fire-based EMS service to the area. In 2009 Chief Cowger was instrumental in getting an inter-local agreement signed between the Town of Columbus and the Rural Fire District allowing the Rural Fire District to provide administration of the fire service for the Town and District.

Chief Cowger currently serves as the Chair of the Stillwater County Fire Council, a deputy Stillwater County Fire Warden, and Chairman of the Montana State Fire Chiefs Association (6 years). He also sits on the State Wildland committee, Eastern Montana Zone Board, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs Wildland Fire Policy Committee. Chief Cowger is also NWCG red carded as a structure protection specialist, division supervisor and type 3 IC trainee and serves with a national type 2 incident management team.

In his spare time Chief Cowger likes to ranch, break horses, fly and camp and spend time with his son and daughter.

Chief Cowger can be reached at 406-322-4302 or at rcowger@columbusfirerescue.com

Other Important Staff Members

Columbus Fire Rescue relies on the commitment of integral staff positions.  Six full time Career Staff member support the volunteers of the organization: 3 Advanced EMT’s and 3 Paramedics.

 Nick Jacobs– Assistant Chief &  EMS Coordinator

Dayle Flynn- Training Officer

Travis Hansen– Battalion Chief & Volunteer Coordinator



The capacity of the Columbus Fire Rescue staff depends on an outstanding crew of skilled and committed volunteers.

Columbus Fire Rescue Crews:

A Shift:                                B Shift:                               C Shift:                            Station #2   Reed Point                                                   Capt.                                    Capt. Cody Sweeney         Capt. Eric Stevens         Batt. Chief. Terry Brumfield

Lt.                                        Lt.                                           Lt. Kevin Langhus         Lt.

Jeff Limburg                       Courtney Hall                       Ryan Heminger             Jim Trees

Yvonne Stevens                Nick Ankney                          Todd Metzler                 Kate Trees

Shane Warehime              Jake Ellis                                Ben Reed                        Bill Mayo

Cactus Anderson              Scott Olson                           Phil Nave                         Thomas Robbins

Riaz Karamzadeh             Dan Cramer                          Lee Westervelt                Britnee Dyrland

Colton Cowger                  Madisyn Sheppard              Richard Ruiz                    Brian Purdum

Isaiah Lindley                    Steven Derby                        Mike Solberg

Summer lee Luckow

Probationary Recruits: Hyatt Rogers, David Cushing, Brady Exner, Hope Reid, Christian Savoie, James Devoy,

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