Frequently Asked Questions

Columbus Fire Rescue thanks you for your interest in our services.  If your questions are not answered through this website or in the area below, please contact us at (406) 322-4302.

How do I become a volunteer?

  • Complete a Columbus Fire Rescue Volunteer Application and Interview Process.  More information found here.

What is expected of a volunteer?

  • A question that if often asked by applicants is: “Will I be required to respond to every call or be available 24 hours a day?” The answer is NO! Your ability to respond is extremely important.  Generally, availability to respond to emergency calls is important, however, the fire department understands some individuals may be at work, school or out of town which prohibits their ability to respond to every incident. Your availability at other times is necessary and appreciated. Your attendance at required training sessions during your recruit and probationary period, ability to respond, work schedules, etc. will be evaluated during the interview process on an individual basis. We ask that you attend our meetings and training held on Wednesday nights from 7:00pm to 10:00pm

How is Columbus Fire Rescue funded?

  • Columbus Fire Rescue is funded through tax assessment to provide firefighting services to the City of Columbus, Town of  Reed Point and through the Rural Fire District.  There is currently no tax base funding for Emergency Medical Services provided throughout the County.

Will I be billed for an ambulance call?

  • If ambulance services and an ambulance transport are provided, you will receive a bill.  Services are provided on a base rate in addition to mileage and supply charges.

Is the training room available for rental?

  • Yes. The training room includes tables and chairs, whiteboards, two TV’s and a projector screen. The kitchen has a stove, oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, refridgerator, flatware and dishes. There is a nominal rental fee and cleaning deposit required. Please call us at 406-322-4302 for more information.