About Our Department


AS MEMBERS OF COLUMBUS FIRE/RESCUE WE ARE DEDICATED: To provide the citizens and visitor’s of the Columbus area with PROMPT, PROFESSIONAL and PROGRESSIVE fire and emergency services. To continually improve our departments high standards of public and first responder safety and training. To provide fire prevention and life safety education to those in our community.


Columbus Fire Rescue strives to be the leader in the area’s fire and emergency services, driven by quality personnel, dedicated to the advanced and innovative solutions to our customer’s situation.

Staff and volunteers
Columbus Fire Rescue operates with 53 dedicated members and support personnel, of those members 15 are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), 5 are Advanced EMT’s and 9 Paramedics. Out of the 53 members we have six career staff of which three are Firefighter/AEMT and three are Firefighter/Paramedics here to support the volunteer cadre.

Service Area
With the ability to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Columbus Fire Rescue responds within 3 minutes to all calls for service. The Columbus Fire Rescue serves approximately 6,000 permanent residents. The Fire/ Rescue area that encompasses Columbus and Reed Point is ~650 square miles and the newly formed Stillwater Ambulance District Service area is ~850 square miles.



Services & Operations

Firefighting and Rescue

All hazard, all risk incident teams

Structure Fire

Wildland Fire

Hazardous Materials

Motor Vehicle Extrication

Technical Rescue

Swift Water Rescue



Emergency Medical Services

Basic Life Support

Advanced Life Support

Critical Care Paramedics

3 Advanced Life Support Ambulances

1 Basic Life Support Ambulance

Community Education

CPR Training

First Aid Training

Station Tours

Fuel Mitigation/Education

Fire Prevention

Board of Directors

Columbus Fire Rescue Board of DirectorsThe Columbus Fire Rescue Board of Directors is a 5 member board elected at large from the citizens of the response area.  The volunteer Directors carry out the policies and direction by which the Columbus Fire Rescue operates.  These Directors serve 3 year terms.  The Board meets every 2nd Monday of the Month at 5 pm at the Fire Hall.

Current Director Roster:

Curt Robbins, Chair

Steve Hopsiter, Director

John Patterson, Director

Chuck Kronz, Director

Debbie Parod, Director

If you would like to get in contact with one of the board members please contact fire station 1 and we will provide contact info.